Image Matters


This is the somber and humourless image site of world unknown photomaker, A. Peter diBlavisi. Like his great-great-great-great grandfather before him, image is paramount to Pierre. In fact, the mundane act of driving a car, even if it is not a Fiat, would be impossible without his special gift – the gift of sight. And of vision. That, too.

So, here, we present this, his Magnum Opus, not unlike that of Mr. Holland. Similarly unctuous and remarkable only with a sidelong glance at the time, this site represents all that is Pedro, visually speaking, though there is no nudity to speak of, except in the case of animals that might be pictured within, as animals do not typically wear clothes, thus, they are one with their nature.

While Sr. diBlavisi does not currently have any exhibitions scheduled in the United States, Pietro is available for commissioned work. Please contact his exclusive agent, Mdme. Sonore DeVeaux at 44 394 22 09e, but not before lunch.